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At present we have 12 professionally trained dog handlers, with most handlers owning more than one dog. These teams not only work as an integral part of our response units, but also the length and breadth of the country.

Handlers are usually recruited from ex-service, or from within our own ranks, dog handlers are the only members of any security force that are allowed to carry a weapon, ( his or her dog ). As previously highlighted, all dogs and their handlers are NASDU certificated and work to the highest nationally recognised operational standards.

In choosing a Denby Security Patrol Dog, you have the equivalent of your own personal police or armed forces dog handler. In most cases more highly trained because they work in the private sector and are in contact with members of the public and staff on site.

Our dog teams have performed film & T.V. work, and we have recently carried out crowd control and anti-terrorist duties for prominent Clients as well as Securing celebrity properties in conjunction with close protection assignments.


"the Professional Choice when Quality Counts..."