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What We Do...

At DENBY security services we feel that we have one of the most extensive lists of services in the country, but that list is one of quality not quantity, we cover, Executive/ VIPs, Industrial, commercial, U.K. Power stations, Production, Warehousing, Transport, Manufacturing, Construction, and much more, threats come from many sources, the services we offer are:

"Knowledge grounded on accuracy, Aided by labour, and Prompted by Perseverance, Will finally overcome all Difficulties"


Close / Executive / VIP Protection

Covert / Overt Surveillance

High Profile Mobile Dog Patrols

On site Patrol Dogs and Handlers

Search / Project / Response teams

Protestors / Demonstrators / activists


Man Guarding

High Profile Mobile Guarding

House Officers

Employee vetting and screening

Event / Promotion security

Corporate / Commercial / Private Investigations

Purchasing / Reports

Present security company site tests and appraisals

Staff and Personnel Escorts


"the Professional Choice when Quality Counts..."