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  • Man Guarding
    Includes, gatehouse duties, weighbridges, checking locks and seals, visitor detail, fire and flood watches, administration, premises lockdown and opening, liasing with management, internal external patrols, CCTV operation and access control etc. all S.I.T.O. qualified. And then trained specifically to your premises.

  • High Profile Mobile Guarding
    Very much the same as the man guarding service only on a so many visits per night / day basis, locking and unlocking premises, checking for un-authorised entry, theft, logging vehicles etc.

  • House Officers
    An alternative to the usually uniformed officer, house officers perform the same duties but either wear blazer and flannels or wear a suit, it can either be our company apparel, or that of the client, used when its vital to make an impression S.I.T.O. qualified.

  • Employee vetting and screening
    Used when it's vital to know who is working for you? Is your staffing agency doing its job? Do you need personnel to work in a secure environment?

  • Event / Promotion security
    From fight events, to pop concerts, from society balls, and diamond fairs, Koi carp shows, and charity functions. We have done them all.

  • Corporate / Commercial / Private Investigations
    This service is sub contracted out to one of our associate companies, they have over 25 years of experience and are members of the British Institute of Private Investigators, covers from industrial espionage to marital situations.

  • Purchasing / Reports
    From mystery Shoppers, and customer / client service, are your personnel providing what you have told them to, more? Less? Do they have the right attitude and customer relation skills? Let us find out for you.
    Reports, liaison agendas, all copies of findings, witness statements, etc can be provided on request of all work undertaken.

  • Present security company site tests and appraisals
    We have carried out this service for clients and other security providers alike, either because staff go unaccounted for during work periods, patrols are not done properly, misappropriation of company property, in the event of ghosting, responses to alert situations need to be amended, etc.

  • Staff and Personnel Escorts
    Staff or Management under threat, grievances, security presence during dismissal to reclaim company property, etc.


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