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  • Close / Executive / VIP Protection
    This includes, personal security and all threat levels, kidnap, surveillance, home and vehicle security advice, planning protection, principal briefing, etc. Each case is individually catered for and for security reasons specifics are not given.

  • Covert / Overt Surveillance
    This covers, the gathering of information where perhaps it enables other sectors of a security team to be more aware of the subject matter they are involved with during the course of their work, or for a client to be more aware of the level of a threat to their family or business etc. again for security reasons we will not give specifics

  • High Profile Mobile Dog Patrols
    These are generally an extension of the mobile patrol officers, usually used in higher risk areas, the patrolling of mobile sites, in guard support services, for our guards and other security providers, in a supervisory capacity to guarding services, and in support of project team members etc. all dogs and handlers are qualified to S.I.T.O. and N.A.S.D.U. Specification.

  • On site Patrol Dogs and Handlers
    Again an alternative in high-risk areas, where even the presence of security personnel on site does not seem dissuade intruders, or persons intent on pursuing varied types of criminal activity to a greater or lesser degree, or where there are large areas of ground to be covered a dog can do the work of several guards, again in support of project teams, and in the grounds of residences, either on site with just a handler, in support of close protection personnel, large companies, crowd control, demonstrations etc, we have even performed T.V. and Film work, and achieved many arrests with our dogs, they are one of the best deterrents there is. Again all dogs and handlers are qualified to S.I.T.O. and N.A.S.D.U. specification.

  • Search / Project / Response teams
    In brief, search teams are used when a specific client requests them, because of large amounts of pilfering or theft, of either company property or stock. Or it could be an ex-employee with a grievance, criminal damage etc. Project teams are used when a particular site is persistently targeted even with the presence of security staff on site, either working inside or in the background their only remit is to respond to the occurrence, and stop criminal activity. Response teams do a similar job only in a more overt way; they are more high profile and are not specific to one site. These can also be used for public transport services.

  • Protestors / Demonstrators / activists
    Fairly self-explanatory, in a situation where security personnel and support services are at risk or out-numbered, large numbers of people likely to cause criminal damage, trespass, or public order offences, or where public opinion differs from that of a specifically targeted company, unrest may ensue. We are then relied upon to use the appropriate response.


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