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John Dogget
Site Secuirty Manager


Denby Security has been supplying dog handlers to this site for over twelve months, in that time I have always found the calibre of guard supplied to be of the highest standard.

The main duty of the dog handler is to patrol the entire site, ensuring the security of several locations on a large industrial estate. If there are any incidents on the site it is the job of the dog handler to be the first to respond and to ensure the safety of the static guards in the lodge. Prior to having dog handlers on this site there were several incidents, two of which were ram raids on buildings outside the main compound. But since the dogs were brought on site we have had no further incidents. I personally think this is due to the dog presence.

If a site were in need of a security presence Denby security is more than capable of supplying any service required. The professional approach by all employees of Denby Security ensures the safety of this site and I am sure this attitude would be taken on any site they worked on.

John Dogget
Site Security Manager
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